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Monday, 12 September 2011

Miss Him So Much...n I am very sad when I LiSten TO his Story

Im alone...
Online FB n editting my blog...
n skype with my frenz..

Coming new massage...
its him..
my bro..
i miss him so much
dah lame kiteorg x contact..
then, dye minx maaf...
cuz dye dah lame x contact ak...
then, dye bercerita..
there lot of test that he faced..
i feel sad
rase cm nak nangis aje..
dia accident time dye nk balik umah
sian kat dye
lame dye kat umah dalam sebulan la jugak
he told me everything...
tertinggl pelajaran, x dpt kolej..n more...
kesia kat dye..